TTAinterfaceTrendAnalysis: An R GUI for routine Temporal Trend Analysis and diagnostics

David Devreker, Alain Lefebvre


Due to the complexity and diversity of statistical tools, routine procedures for temporal trend detection have received considerable attention for research purposes but also in the framework of EU directives and regional sea convention. The TTAinterfaceTrendAnalysis package was developed in R to perform non- parametric trend test analysis (Kendall test family) through an interactive GUI, easy to handle for non-statistician users. The GUI guides the user through 4 successive panels which represent the successive steps of the data analysis. The routine trend assessment package is composed of consecutive smaller programmes which interact with each other as a function of their rule (data preparation, descriptive statistics, statistical test…) either automatically or according to the user’s choice through a user-friendly interface. We explain the functioning, possibility and limitation of these different steps.


R; GUI; times series; long term trend; Seasonal Kendall

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