Pollution evaluation in the estuary bay of Bietri

Claire Viviane HAYE, Bini Kouamé DONGUI, Jocelyne PELLERIN, Albert TROKOUREY


The aim of the present work was to determine the concentrations of various pollutants (heavy metals, oil and grease, total hydrocarbons) in Bietri Bay (5°15’ N, 4°W, Ivory Coast) using chemical and organic analysis in water, sediment and crabs Callinectes amnicola. To evaluate the nature of the pollution in this bay, samples were compared with another bay from the rural area, Bingerville. The results showed that the distribution of the pollutants was influenced by the sites and the localization. The highest concentrations of nutritive elements, suspended particulate matters, heavy metal, hydrocarbons, oil and grease were found in Bietry bay. The North part of this bay was the most polluted area due to domestic sewage and industrial inputs. In the muscle of the crab Callinectes amnicola, Cr was present in high concentration indicating an anthropogenic origin. In conclusion, the presence of pollutants in Bietri bay provoked a dramatic decrease of dissolved oxygen, enrichment in hydrogen sulphide and demonstrated that contamination was recent in some areas in this bay. Results have also shown the presence of Cr in Callinectes amnicola flesh in high concentrations, probably harmful for humans.


Bietri bay (Côte d’Ivoire), pollution, Callinectes amnicola, heavy metals, oil and grease, total hydrocarbons

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