Journal of Oceanography, Research and Data

JORD publishes short innovative papers that will significantly advance knowledge and understanding of ocean dynamics. It publishes also commented tables of data from recent or old observations or experiments, provided they make a contribution to a research field of interest in marine sciences.

Vol 9, No 1 (2016)

Cover Page
Eutima gegenbauri is a rare leptomedusa of the North West Mediterranean sea. Its long tentacles allows the capture of preys. The mouth and the whitish stomach are situated at the end of a long peduncle under the transparent umbrella. This picture has been taken in mediterranean surface waters (Port-Cros, France) by Vincent MARAN, (ZIEMSKI Frédéric , MARAN Vincent , SITTLER Alain-Pierre in : DORIS, 16/01/2014 : Eutima gegenbauri (Haeckel, 1864),